Sports Betting in Casinos

According to reports from the West Virginia Lottery, more casinos in this region are working round the clock to make sport betting in casinos a reality. In the past, casinos have concentrated on availing games such as the roulette and blackjack to their clients with very few casinos offering sports betting in their premises. This is however changing with sports betting gaining quite a wide following.

It is not only in West Virginia that the sports betting in casino is gaining momentum but also in other parts of the world. Sport betting is considered a lucrative alternative for casino games among many industry players.

Good news for sports betters in Indiana

Sports betting is highly tipped to be legalized in Indiana early next year according to a legislative study that recommended to the General Assembly the possibility that allows for outcome betting of professional and college sports events.

The committee further recommends for allowing of sports bet to be placed anywhere in the state or at casino from home using their mobile phone through a secured platform. Currently only horse race markets are available for betting using mobile devises over the internet within the confines of the state casinos. This practice is expected to boost the state’s revenue collected from casinos and sports betting.

Sports betting to boost MLB revenue by $1.1 billion

With legalized sports betting the MLB is expected to boost its revenue by $1.1 billion with the NLB expected to increase its revenue by $585 million according to Nielsen Research. The MLB figure is slightly below the expected revenue rise of NHL which is projected to make $2.3 billion a year.

This report highlighted that the major sources of revenue from sport betting for the league would be through a wider consumption of the leagues media products, advertising and sponsorships.