Live feed on websites is a phenomenon that has gained acceptance and is being applied by a large number of sports fanatics from all over the world. These live feeds enable sports fanatics to keep track of their teams or league games as they progress on their phones or computers. Some websites also provide free stream while others you have to pay a subscription fee for you to access the content. However, some free streaming websites are pulled down regularly because of copyright issues and broadcast rights.

These websites have a wide range of sporting events ranging from football to Tennis, Rugby to MotoGP among other sports events. Most of the free live feeds Website with live feeds will have lots of adverts and it’s advised to have a powerful Ad blocker and never share your personal information such as credit/debit card information on these sites.

Some of the best websites for live feeds include


ESPN offers live feeds for a number of sporting events such as football, Tennis, golf, baseball and basketball. Some of the streams on this site are free of charge while other streams require you to subscribe on a qualifying satellite or cable TV provider. You will however not find streams to every game or sports on this site since they only offer streams of events they have rights to.

Facebook Watch

On this site you can watch one MLB game per week and other sports including soccer, women’s basketball and surfing but the site has a limited official sports streams due to broadcast rights. This feature by Facebook the social media giant also allows users to live stream sports event from around the world.


This is an Australian site that allows for live feed streams from all over the world and comes with an English language option for viewers who are outside Australia. You can steam soccer, basketball, tennis and volleyball on the site.