The sports betting world has grown rapidly in the recent years giving a new dimension to the sporting and gaming industry. These changes may be attributed to the advancement in technology used for different sports and how these sports are broadcasted to a larger audience. For instance for football fanatics when your team is playing you tend to want to keep up with the happenings if you did not make it to the stadium to watch the game live.

This has made it necessary for players in the sporting industry especially those concerned with sports broadcast to come up with technological solutions that will make it easier for sports fanatics to be able to check the status of a game that they are interested in. The status may include the game’s final or current scores or other game statistics that may be of interest to the audience. Here we are going to highlight on some of the best Apps for live results and statistics.

Best live results Apps

ESPN Sports App

If you are a true sports fanatic you have probably come across the ESPN sports news portal where you get all your latest sports news from almost all leagues in the world. The ESPN live score App is available for both Android and iOS for free and includes all the latest live feeds from all over the world. You can also subscribe to listen to podcasts on the go.

EBS Sports App

This is arguably the best live score App available in the market because you are almost assured of getting the fastest scores, news and other information related to sports. This is because they use the push notifications technology to send you related information and you can also customize the App to bring you only feeds from the teams you follow.

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