Many professional teams and sports industry players have come to realise the importance of statistics, in any form of games; whether it be tennis, football, basketball or even skating. For there to be a fair comparison of teams or individual performances, then there is a need for standard rules, and conditions, governing any type of sport, whether in a friendly or competitive, game.

With these set rules and conditions, it’s then easy for a statistician to form a base, from where they can now compare different aspects of two or more competing teams, based on past and current happenings, that may affect a team’s performance. This base may include elements such as a player’s strength, home or away team advantage, previous encounters or even the teams and players current form.

We have many platforms that provide these statistics; either for free, or for a cost, depending on the depth of the analysis you are looking for, and this is also different from one sport to another. Here are a couple of the most reliable platforms for livescore statistics, and other related data.

For football lovers, this is the go-to site for all your football analysis and statistics. The site is created to keep track of all your favourite football team, players and even leagues. On the site, you are able to navigate easily and add your teams on the favourite section, for easier access when on the site.

One of the best sites on the internet, as it is more complete, with related sports data and statistics, previous records, career stats and much more. One of the significant talking points is the inclusion of a blog on the website, where one is able to get all the latest news, concerning a sport of interest. There are many other reputable sites on the internet, and this list is not exhaustive.